What Shoes Should You Choose to Avoid Health Problems?

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Seeing people strolling along the city streets wearing branded extravagant shoes, it's hard to believe that long time ago humans walked around barefoot.

Of course, when you peruse the Nike sales, browse through the latest Baldinini collection or grab the pair of clarks shoes online at a discount, your health is the last thing which comes to your mind because you pay attention to the beauty and elegance. However, you should know that the footwear we buy and wear every day plays a pivotal role in the way we feel.

Poorly designed shoes, which don’t fit properly, can cause plenty of health problems affecting different parts of your body, therefore, it’s necessary to know what footwear to buy to be healthy.

Experts say that there are three main functions which shoes have to perform - protect your feet, enable you to walk long distances and provide comfort.

The right shoes shouldn’t affect your health negatively. Incorrectly fitting shoes, for instance, higher heels, or inappropriate fastenings can lead to paraesthesia or numbness of feet. If your shoes are too loose, your foot might slide, which will create excessive pressure on particular areas of your feet and lead to the situation when corns turn up.

Problems with nails and fungal problems are widespread too. Both men and women around the world have problems with ingrown toenails, which cause really painful sensations, just because they chose the wrong shoes.

The fungal toenail infections not only have an adverse effect on our health, but also our self-esteem. Dermatophyte, fungal species living on the skin, cause such symptom as Athlete's foot. It is characterized in intense itching and inflammation of the skin. Moreover, it is extremely contagious.

There are a number of serious problems arising from choosing wrong shoes to wear. Remember that wrong shoes can cause lumbar intervertebral disc compression.

How to avoid these problems?

  • Don’t buy tight shoes. There must be enough room in the toe box so that your fingers can move freely. The load should be evenly distributed in a shoe.
  • Your shoes must have a kind of fastening, which will allow you to adjust the fit of your footwear when necessary.
  • Your shoes should have a heel of 20 – 40 mm tops, it should be broad and stable.
  • Choose the shoes made of natural materials like leather or suede. These shoes are durable and comfortable.
  • It’s great if the shoes have cushioning inside the shoe for comfort and the reduction of the shock when walking.
  • Choose shoes with the firm midsole.
  • You should also consider buying special shoes for sport or for walking long distances. The brands, making such shoes take into account all the details to provide you with comfort.

    If there is a formal dress code in your office, you can wear comfortable sneakers as you commute to work and then wear formal shoes. It is extremely popular with office workers because wearing comfy shoes they can walk longer distances, which makes up for sedentary lifestyle they have.

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